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How to size your product images for the ultimate shopping experience

A picture is worth a thousand words – this statement cannot be more true! In the ever growing technological world of ecommerce more and more customers are choosing to shop online then venture out into the shops.

This means they cannot test your product, feel the texture, the quality and even the smell! All these elements add to the customer journey and are part of why we all love to shop (Guilty!).

This is why it is imperative that you provide your customers with the highest quality, eye catching images that really show off your products, you want them to feel like they have seen the product first hand before they make that purchase. Because at the end of the day why wouldn’t they want to buy from your store? 

Take a look at the below product images. These images are clean and crisp, they convey a premium and high quality feel. The different angles allow customers to see the whole product.



What is the perfect product image size ?

So now we understand just how important product images really are, what is the best size

  • Small Thumbnails:  200px x 200px  - These images will show primarily in search results, they are just big enough to show the customer the shape and colour of the product. 
  • Medium Product Images: 640px x 640px - This is for those who have a lower quality image, and dont require a high quality zoom. Make sure your images are clear and show all product angles to make up for the lack of quality.
  • Large Product Images: 1024px x 1024px -  Shopify recommends sizing images at 1024px by 1024px for the highest quality result, and we agree this is best practise.

Now you want to size your product images at the highest quality Shopify recommendation, however we know that sometimes not all your images are happy to increase to this size. They can come up all blurry and angry! Take a look at this example product image.


As you can see the image on the left is the original format 225px x 225 px, but the image on the right has been sized to shopify recommendations 1024px x 1024 px. But you cannot put this on your store! What would your customers think?!

Why cant I use the original size? 

Ah this is a good question! The original size may just be too small, your shopify theme will have a set container width for your product images. For example if your theme's set width is 520px x 520px and your image is 400px x 400px then depending on what theme you are using, the product image will either show far too small or stretch to the width of the container. 

 This is how the image will look if it is too small, this does not give a good view of the product.

This is how the image will look the theme stretches the image to fit the container, again this doesn't convey the message you want your customers to receive. 

Also its worth noting that your original product images may be different ratios and need cropping. If you don't re size then it will make your images appear inconsistent and too small for optimal viewing.



Why is it so important that all images have the same ratio?

Let’s go back to the customer journey. When your customer reaches your store and scrolls through the products, they want to see a clear layout so they can compare your products, take in the beautiful imagery and hopefully make a purchase!

Imagine your back in a shop, strolling around, looking for that perfect pair of shoes to go with your new outfit for the office party, you want to see a clean and well-presented store, you want to see the products easily. You see the shoes, you’ve zoned in and… off you go! Straight to what you’re looking for.

Now you’re in a shop that’s messy, no consistent layout, hey you probably would walk straight out! Product images with different ratio sizes create a messy and jumbled experience, see this example:



So lets get this straight, if you have one high quality image sized at 1024 x 1024 and some smaller images sized at 520 x 520,  depending on your theme settings they will all automatically fit into your product image container and look the same across the whole website ( Woohoo!! ).



Handy tip : Depending on what theme you are using on your store , if you have the zoom function activated it will not work to its best ability unless the product images are at least 700x700, however if your product image simply is not large enough then at least sizing it smaller does not create a fuzzy and blurry zoom!

So let’s summarise:

  • Small Thumbnails:  200px x 200px 
  • Medium Product Images: 640px x 640px 
  • Large Product Images: 1024px x 1024px -  Images work best at this size
  • Our smallest product image recommendation is 520px x 520px 

    Now your armed with this new information, nothing is stopping you from creating a beautiful and shoppable store. Go get 'em!

    Don't have time to re size all your product images? No fear, we are happy to assist you with this so that you can focus elsewhere. Contact us now for a quote: