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Turning your visitors into customers: How to increase your product page conversions


First impressions are key and this is never more true than with your product page. Choosing layout, selecting the right content and enabling features that showcase your products well is a must, as it can either make or brake your customers journey to the check out.

Here at Belle Digital we want your sales through the roof! So we have created a handy guide full of tips, tricks and add-ons for your store that will enhance your product page user experience, and in turn, convert into those all important sales.


Help your customers find what they are looking for

When adding in your product descriptions it can be very easy to over load this section and cram in as much information as possible. While including detailed information on your product is important (and necessary!), the content needs to be clear and in an easy to follow set up so your customers can find what they are looking for.

Seeing a product page over loaded with information will put your customers off, shopping needs to be made easy in order to improve your customer experience.

The best way to achieve this would be to set up tabs with in your store and segregate each main title and its content per tab. For example, Leica uses three easy to find tabs for each section of key information.


The customer can happily click between each tab as and when they wish to find what they are looking for. Using a table & bullet points in your tabs also help your customer retain your product information as quickly as possible.

Clear + Quick + Easy to navigate = sales!

If you would like help integrating tabs to your store click here.


Easy to find answers

One of the biggest concerns that shoppers have when buying products online is ‘what happens if I don’t like it?’ or ‘How long will it take to arrive?’.

By answering these questions on your product page you reduce the risk of them leaving it to find the answer. You could pop your delivery and returns information into one of your tabs, or alternatively information & contact form pop ups are a great solution, allowing your customers to find the answers to those questions that could put them off a sale if not answered.

House of Maguie has a great example of this in action.


Making the most of your images

So you have a set of beautifully photographed product images, the key here is how to convert them into sales.

First and foremost, your images must be sized correctly (no fuzzy images here!) For help on image sizing, have a look at our previous article here.

Images allow your customer to see your product in detail, if your theme has it, enable the zoom functionality! This will allow your customer to really see the finer details of your product, therefore providing trust in your products quality.

Videos are another great way to convert sales, a recent study found that visitors who watched a product video were 26.36% more likely to convert. Our super clever development team are experienced in setting this up, let us know if you would like a quote and take a look at Jarlo for an example of this functionality live on store.


Another great way to show of your products potential, is to include different angled secondary shots so your customer can really get a feel for what they are buying.

Did you know you can also assign images to each variant? You might have a dress available in pink & black, assigning images to these variants will automatically change the main product image when the variant is selected! Another great, easy way for your customer to find what they are after. For instructions on setting this up click here.


Add to cart

One of the easiest ways to enhance your product page is to ensure your call to action buttons are clear, compelling, and contrast against other elements on the page. Adding a splash of colour to your buttons will help here.

Have you ever thought about where your add to cart button is placed? A clear call-to-action serves one purpose: getting your potential customers to the checkout more quickly.  It should be instantly visible on the product page, just under the product price (and variant if enabled) is a key spot.



Me and Buddy is a great example of this, the call to action is in a bright eye catching colour & in prime position on the product page.


It’s a matter of urgency

Displaying stock levels on your product page is a great sales tool, we hate missing out on things! ‘Only three left in stock!’ tells your customer that not only is the product popular and in demand but also provides a sense of urgency to purchase before it becomes sold out.

Another top tip would be to enable a promotional message like Mini Stylin on your product page, ‘Free Delivery for today only’ or ‘Free shipping on orders over £60’ all push the customer in the direction of purchase. 



Reviews should be prominently displayed and easily accessible on your product page.

Customer generated reviews increase conversion rates, visitors are 63% more likely to purchase from a store that has reviews. Reviews also improve social proof, as well as decrease customer risk – all very important points in making that online sale!

There are many review apps available within the Shopify app store, if you need our help with the installation let us know! 


Go live

Live chat is one of the simplest ways to improve a site’s conversion rate, it provides a convenient source for customers to access immediate help - 90% of customers consider live chat helpful. 

The key being that customers have someone who can answer any questions and walk them through the sale if they get stuck. This helps eliminate bounces away from your store and makes sure your customers reach the check out. 

Take a look at Urban Safari for a great example on this.

There are many apps and plug ins available in the Shopify app store, if you would like help with the installation click here.


Sharing is caring

Including share icons on your product page like Iven Alger is a clever way to allow your customer easily share your product across their social media channels. Your customers spreading the word out about your project is incredibly valuable, and this way-free! 



I hope you have found this article helpful and that it sets you up for getting your product page right on track. Not sure where to start? No problem, get in contact for a quote and we can help you out.